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Maximum Efficiency, Minimum Injury

Ashley’s MULTI- HEADED shower invention is the most efficient safety shower head, it supplies water as per the International Standards which require the water to be at a flow diameter of 508mm, at 1524mm from the ground (the width and height of a man’s shoulder) on which the user stands with the water substantially distributed throughout the pattern. The water in the Ashley shower rose is released into approximately 700 outlet holes which gives a high volume flow of ultra soft flushing liquid without the injured person feeling a hole is being bored through their flesh by the excessive pressure from very large droplets from a conventional shower rose.

Many manufacturers have enormous spaces between water flows as the required outer 508mm diameter width is their goal to achieve the standards requirements, they have insufficient flow for the inside of their shower stream, the pressure and droplet size are excessive, they also require the injured person to constantly move throughout the outer shield of water to flush the chemicals off. If they stood centrally under the water flow without realizing their plight their injuries could be substantially greater because water increases the reaction of strong acids and alkaloids, the water must rapidly remove chemicals without causing water pressure related injuries.

These problems do not occur with Ashley products. At any position within the water shield of the Ashley shower rose there is only millimetres between the 700 soft and gentle flow streams with no harsh pressure washing and no large water damaging pressure droplets to exacerbate injury, the water is incredibly soft. All Ashley SHOWERS have ultra-fine 150micron 316 stainless steel filter meshes fitted for added safety and can be inspected and cleaned within 30 seconds.