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1/ ASHLEY EYE WASH STATIONS operate by Neutral Water Eye Wash Flushing – this is when water is aimed into the air and when the water reaches its highest point and commences to fall, this is neutral water. Washing with the Neutral Water avoids excessive  pressure washing of the eyes which can lead to eye damage. NOTICE Full face, ear to ear and chin to forehead simultaneous decontamination. The head is also well above the sink to avoid claustrophobia and fear for the injured person. Click Here for more info

2/ MULTIPLE EYE/FACE WASH ACTIVATION All Eye/Face Wash units can be activated by Push Down Button, Hand paddle or Foot pedal, allowing an injured person to activate the unit with their finger, wrist, elbow, forehead and using foot pedal.  Click Here for more info

3/ MULTI-HEAD SHOWER ROSE Ashley Safety Shower units feature a unique six rose head design that achieves maximum efficiency with a diameter of 508mm and a height of 1524mm as per Australian and American standards, giving a very high volume flow of ultra soft flushing water. Click Here for more info

4/ 160kPa OPERATION Ashley Safety Shower and Eye Wash stations operate perfectly and simultaneously at 160kPa. Click Here for more info

5/ 316 MARINE GRADE Electro Polished stainless steel construction ensures maximum durability on all Ashley products. Click Here for more info

6/ ALL ASHLEY PRODUCTS comply with Australian Standard AS4775-2007 and American Standard ANSI/ISEA Z358.1-2014

7/ COST EFFECTIVE solution – ASHLEY Products repay the entire purchase price within six years with maintenance and spare parts savings on some mines.

8/ 10 YEAR WARRANTY on all Ashley manufactured products against faulty workmanship and materials.

9/ NO STICKERS OR LABELS on all Ashley products, all instructions are laser-cut into metal.

10/ EXTREMELY ROBUST CONSTRUCTION with all rounded machined parts for safety and to support the injured person if collapsing. Click Here for more info

11/ EYE WASH DUST CAPS fold directly under eye wash outlets upon activation and then reseat over the outlets automatically upon being turned off, keeping the outlets clear of debris, this is particularly useful in any dusty environment, particularly cement and zinc refineries.

12/ CONVERTABLE Eye Wash to a combined SHOWER & EYEWASH Station at any time without replacing eyewash unit and at minimal cost.

13/ NON-BLOCKING WASTE OUTLET ON EYEWASHES with a threaded outlet for attaching PVC plumbing fittings to dispose of contaminated water. Click Here for more info

14/ BRACED UPRIGHT POLE for exceptional stability in high winds.

15/ VIRTUALLY NO SPARE PARTS required for life of product, meaning NO SPARE PARTS INVENTORY.

16/ ABLE TO FIT anti-scald and proximity switches within minutes without modification to unit.

17/ 150 MICRON Mesh (3 filters – 2 eyewashes and 1 shower) 316 Marine Grade Stainless Steel inline filters for ultra-fine control of any contaminants in the supply water. Click Here for more info