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What is Neutral Water Eye Wash Flushing?


Neutral Water Washing is when water is elevated into the air, when water reaches its peak and has expended all of its pressure (energy), the water commences to fall, this then becomes Neutral Water. This is the safest form of eye flushing by far as only the injured person is able to ascertain the pressure they are able to tolerate into their eyes. By lowering the injured eyes down into neutral water the eye gel fluid is less likely to be washed out. Washing gel fluid out of damaged eyes is dangerous and blindness may occur.

The Neutral Water flushing method is superior to the conventional method of having a thin film of water being pushed under pressure across a gap to achieve a result. This outdated method leaves an injured person with no choice or control over the pressure depending on the extent or type of damage, they are either in or out and are bombarded with high pressure water on just the eyes.

Ashley eyewashes are full face eyewashes, that is the entire face from ear to ear and chin to forehead are flushed simultaneously as it would be very unlikely just the eyeballs of an injured person would be contaminated with chemicals. Ashley face/eyewashes are incredibly efficient and cover all possible contingencies as they operate at a constant pressure at all times. They maintain the same height and flow irrespective of the incoming supply pressure from 160kPa up , even with the shower operating simultaneously.

You will notice the injured person in the photograph (right top) has their head well above the sink with the eyewash operating. This is to alleviate claustrophobia and to allow the injured person to hold eye-lids open for correct flushing without the confines of placing the head down into the bowl of conventional eyewashes.